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Elementary School MESA Day (3rd - 5th Grade)

Rules for 2012-2013
Using the principles of motion, students will design and build their own vehicle powered solely by the energy from 2 inflated balloons and travel the farthest distance along a track.
Students design and construct a model rocket, powered by water and 90 psi of air pressure, which will remain aloft for the longest period of time. Blueprint must be submitted with model rocket.
Students choose, prepare, and deliver a well organized two (2) minute presentation from the official topic questions.
Construct an original model of a bisected human brain and answer question from an assigned list.
Students will use math and science to implement engineering concepts in the design and construction of a model toothpick bridge from their own plans that will carry a maximum load while using as few toothpicks as possible.
Students will design and build a container of restricted size that will keep three (3) large raw eggs from breaking after a fall from a two-story building.

• Students may participate in a maximum of 1 competition(s).