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High School/Senior MESA Day

Rules for 2012-2013
Design and build a vehicle that is solely powered by 1 standard, single-spring mousetrap and stop closest to a target 5 meters away.
Design and construct a model bridge using balsawood that will carry a maximum load and achieve minimum weight.
Design and construct a container that will keep as many eggs as possible from breaking when dropped from a designated height.
Construct an original model of a bisected human brain and answer 5 random questions from an assigned list.
Design and build a glider made of balsawood, glue, and modeling clay to fly the longest period of time.
Prepare and deliver an individual impromptu oral presentation on a randomly chosen question based on 3 topic areas.
Design a website around the theme "Imagine a better future for families, communities, and businesses made possible with technology and the skills and knowledge you have gained through MESA". This event is co-sponsored by Microsoft.
This is the MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition. For complete rules and details click HERE.

Type Math Level Calculator
Level I: Algebra I
Level II: Geometry
Level III: Algebra II or Alg II/Trig
Level IV: Math Analysis/Pre-Calc/Trig
Level V: Calculus
Category A: Algebra I/Geometry
Category B: Alg II/Math Analysis/Trig/Pre-Calc
Category C: Calculus


• Students may participate in a maximum of 1 competition(s).
• Everyone will take an individual or team math exam based on your current math class level.