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Wind Energy Challenge (MS/HS)

Rules for 2011-2012
Device Performance
Build a device that will harness wind energy to perform the following tasks:
Mechanical Power: greatest mass raised a height of 75cm in the least amount of time.
Wind-to-Vehicle: greatest average kinetic energy achieved by the vehicle based on average speed and fixed mass over a specific track distance.
Electrical Power(HS only): greatest average power output from generator/electrical load during a 60 degree change in wind direction.
Design Efficiency: greatest ratio of total task performance scores to device mass.
Academic Components:
Teams will also submit the following:
Technical Paper
Academic Display
Oral Presentation
With the exception of the following, all the specifications in the official rules will be followed:
Rule 18:Teams WILL consider the cost of shipment of the device to the local, state, and national events. Teams MUSTdesign their device to be disassembled for shipment in a large suitcase(s).
Project Labeling: The WEC device, technical paper, and academic display must be clearly labeled with the students' names, school, and MESA Center. A 25 point penalty will be deducted from the total score if any of these are not properly labeled.
With the exception of the following, all the specifications in the official rules and the California Addendum will be followed:
Rule 6-Oral Presentation: Each team may speak for a maximum of 5 minutes. A 5 point deduction will be applied for presentations exceeding 5 minutes.

Technical Paper Deadlines
The technical paper must be submitted via email to the UCI MESA Program on or before the dates listed below. The papers will be judged and scored prior to MESA Day. Any papers received after the deadline will not be graded and teams will receive zero points for this portion of the contest. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Middle School
Saturday, February 25, 2012
Send to:
High School
Saturday, February 18, 2012


If you compete in the Wind Energy Challenge, you may not compete in another event.
Top 3 winners at Prelims will advance to Regionals. The top winner at Regionals will advance to State. The top winner at State will advance to the National competition hosted in Seattle,WA in June 2012.